Lunch Time

“Somebody ought to tell us,

right at the start of our lives,

that we are dying.

Then we might live life to the limit

every minute of every day.

Do it, I say, whatever you want to do,

do it now.”

—Michael Landon

IMG_6339 (1280x1036)

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7 Responses to Lunch Time

  1. kenandliz says:

    Fantastic image!


    • Thanks! We’d hiked all the way to a waterfall named Slate Falls only to find out it was nothing but a trickle. I did come away with this shot of my little brother but we’ll have to go back again after a few days of rain to catch the falls really running.


  2. kenandliz says:

    The striking thing for me is how it reminds me of a place we used hang out as kids up in NJ that we called “flat rock”. 🙂


    • That’s what nice about photos… it’s not always about the particulars but it’s also about memories that certain photos trigger in our brains. This spot sits about 50 feet above a falls which turned out on this day to be dry as a bone. Shooting a waterfall was a bust but I’ve never gone on a hike yet where I didn’t come back with a good feeling. 🙂 Thanks for stopping in and stay safe!

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  3. Andrew says:

    I love moments like that. Sitting in the open just letting it all go by.


    • It was a good hike and I caught my brother just relaxing. Those are the best shots when no one is posing or paying attention to the camera. The only downside to the day was the waterfall we hiked to was bone dry but that is usually the case in this part of the country during the summer. We had a couple days of rain and had hoped for some kind of waterfall but will probably have to wait until the wetter time of the year.


  4. Thats one handsome man there!


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