Home Again

You can never go home again, but the truth is

you can never leave home, so it’s all right.

~Maya Angelou

IMG_5812 (1280x951)

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7 Responses to Home Again

  1. snowgood says:

    Just pondering your comment about using a tripod for these shots. What shutter speed are you using (usually). I went on a Canon course, learnt about my 400mm lens and have hardly used it since.

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    • I usually shoot in aperture priority and a lot of the places I shoot are in shaded corridors or in the forest so a lot of times with my 300mm lens I have to shoot less than 1/300th of second which I read was about the minimum for a handheld shot (zoomed completely out). I probably don’t have the best technique in keeping my camera steady so I started using the tripod for everything. This shot probably didn’t require a tripod but I’ve got so used to it that I’ve got pretty quick at acquiring a target and getting my shot off. As I get more accustomed to photography I’m sure I’ll change over time but I’ve seen a dramatic increase in sharp shots since using the tripod all the time.


      • snowgood says:

        Ah, it sounds like my old Canon lens. I get better results with a heavy 100-400mm than I did with a 300mm zoom. The latter simply wouldn’t give sharp results, the homer has an image stabiliser (that’s worth 2 stops). Yes, I usually shoot aperture priority, but not for when I want to freeze wing movement – I’d experiment,no complaints about your pics, but lugging tripod around is a bit tiring/restrictive.

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      • I agree about lugging the tripod around being a pain. I constantly experiment between the two lenses I own – 28-105mm and a 75-300mm plus 3 extension tubes. I’ve only had this camera for about 2 months so it has been nothing but experimentation and a learning experience. Now throw in trying to master Lightroom and Photoshop and it’s like at 49 years of age I’ve started school all over again. 🙂 Any advice and encouragement is always much appreciated. I hope to invest in a 100mm macro lens some day but at the moment it’s out of my budget.


  2. Love this quote and the photo is amazing!

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