I Dreamed

I dreamed I was a butterfly,

flitting around in the sky; then I awoke.

Now I wonder:

Am I a man who dreamt of being a butterfly,

or am I a butterfly dreaming

that I am a man?

 –  Zhuangzi

IMG_8435 (1028x822)

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3 Responses to I Dreamed

  1. Awesome butterfly (or should I say: self portrait)!
    If we don’t take better care of the environment, we may only be able to dream about butterflies!

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    • Thanks! I hear ya about taking better care of environment. The bad part is usually measure aren’t taken before it’s already a dire event with almost no chance of a recovery. I like to think as a human race we can pull together and do the right thing but every day when I catch the leading story on the news I just have to turn it off and shake my head. Here’s to the butterfly and yourself having a great week! Take care.

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  2. Yes, most don’t care enough about changing the environment for the better. Things have to change. We’re a strange species! You are right, the news shows how governments are more concerned with fighting and killing than with saving and going green!

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