Successful Man

The mark of a successful man

is one that has spent an entire day

on the bank of a river

without feeling guilty about it. 

~Author Unknown

IMG_9917 (1080x1280)

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8 Responses to Successful Man

  1. georgetteann says:

    Indeed; and it helps to have a fishing pole, too! 🙂

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  2. NE.Perkins says:

    Growing up in the Mt. Hood wilderness, we came upon these gates often traveling the back forest roads. We usually bypassed them walking, or one of my school mates had a key. The key let us have many adventures off roading during my Oregon days growing up.

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    • It’s the same here.. most of them are access roads for the forest service in case of fire or controlled burns. This one is a former access to a fire tower that is no longer in existence but recently they built a hiker shelter in the same area so this road got used once again for hauling building materials to the build site. All these roads and trails really bring back a lot of good memories as well as leading us to new ones. 🙂 Stay safe and have a good week!

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  3. bgddyjim says:

    Well at least I have something to shoot for!

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