If you are hungry for food,

you are prepared to hunt high and low for it.

If you are hungry for information it is the same.

Information is all around us,

now more than ever before in human history.

You barely have to stir

or incommode yourself to find things out.

The only reason people do not know much

is because they do not care to know.

They are incurious.

Incuriosity is the oddest and most foolish failing there is.

~Stephen Fry

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2 Responses to Information

  1. Cool shot!
    It’s curious about how so many are incurious about the depth of things!

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    • Thanks! I agree wholeheartedly! If one thing I wanted for my children as they grew up was to always inquire of why things are the way they are and never to take what someone says at face value. Usually when you explore the how’s and why’s you end up with more knowledge you never expected to get. Have a great week!


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