Highest Animal

Man is rated the highest animal,

at least among all animals

who returned the questionnaire.

~Robert Brault

IMG_2992 (1280x989)

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10 Responses to Highest Animal

  1. Your photos are wonderful, but it’s usually the quotes that make me laugh (or cry). Great combinations.

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    • Thank you! This is an old photo I dug up that we took when going through a drive-thru safari. This fellow got pretty close to the car window looking for handouts. 🙂 I think people don’t give animals enough credit on what’s going on behind those eyes. Just because we don’t completely understand it all doesn’t mean there isn’t a world of thought and feelings being experienced. Have a great week!


  2. ady says:

    Oh My !! What is this creature ? The quote is making me laugh till it aches 😀

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    • Emu or ostrich of some sort. The same drive through safari has the animals get pretty near to your vehicle at times and this guy got right outside our car window. You aren’t supposed to feed the animals or roll down your windows but it’s obvious that that rule isn’t strictly followed because they storm your vehicle looking for handouts. I love his expression and bright eyes. 🙂

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  3. I really like the photo and quote.
    My pet parrots sometimes say derogatory things about me or my wife… and then laugh. One even creates her own unique derogatory statements. When you’re occasionally “put down” by them, it’s rather refreshing. Birds (which are the only remaining dinosaurs) still see us as mammals. Dinosaurs dominated the mammals for many millions of years. Thank goodness, we’re not #1 in their intelligent eyes!

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    • That’s funny! We don’t give creatures enough credit on how smart and intuitive they can be. I really like this fellows expression and bright eyes. Just looks like he’s got something to say and you better damn well listen! 🙂


  4. Sharon K. says:

    He’s laughing!

    Great quote and wonderful shot!

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