“A lake is a landscape’s most beautiful

and expressive feature.

It is Earth’s eye;

looking into which the beholder measures

the depth of his own nature.”

― Henry David Thoreau, Walden

IMG_1133 (989x1280)

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8 Responses to Reflections

  1. Beautiful — almost as if that golden tree is too much to look upon directly — its fire safest in reflection.

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    • I wanted to get the tree and the reflection together but I just couldn’t get get cropped to a size or to a manner that I liked so I just went with the reflection. I hope everything is going great up in your neck of the woods. I’m tired of this dreary weather and could use a stretch of sunshine. The local mountain bike trails are a mess and need some time to dry out. I have been getting in a lot of disc golf lately though. 🙂 Always trying something new. Have a great week and upcoming New Year!

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      • Well, it is winter. We’ve been riding on fall’s coattails for quite some time.

        Ready for some winter snow, hold the ice please! The deer trails are getting pretty slick with all the rain here. Lots of sliding on the steeper slopes. Can only imagine the mess on the bike trails.

        Happy discing!

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      • Thanks! I know I’m asking a lot for nice weather this time of year.. I guess the mild summer spoiled me and I want a summer like winter. 🙂


  2. Can you put on some boots and waterproof clothing so it becomes more enjoyable? I received a Nikon D300 camera for Christmas and have been enjoying playing around with it. Like you, I love the reflections and try to get the whole shot but the other day I focused on the reflection of the trees on the ice. What I discovered is the leaves frozen in the ice were quite breathtaking. Just want you to know your site has truly inspired me and although I have always loved nature I am now looking at it a bit closer than in the past. Thank you!!

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    • Thanks! It’s nice to find others that enjoy your capture of nature or inspire them to look a bit closer than they might have in the past. I know I find inspiration daily from others photos and artwork. I guess that is how we grow as artists and continue to stretch what and how we looked at things in the past. This time of year is tough with the cold temperatures and wet weather. A lot of my pictures recently are ones I’d taken a few months ago but have now had the time to go through them and play with ones that catch my eye. Try to stay warm and dry and would love to see some of your reflections. 🙂 Take care!

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      • I went out in the damp cold weather myself today with camera in hand. Got some nice shots of the drops of water on tree limbs, initials in a tree covered in moss and some others in the preserve behind my house. The rain held off until the evening so it wasn’t too bad. Once you get out there walking it seems pretty warm. Next weekend they are calling for the windchill to make it feel in the negatives so I’m not sure if I’ll be out there then. Hope you get some nice weather soon.

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      • So do I… some chilly stuff rolled in here last night and with the wind I’m sure it was in the teens or single digits. Supposed to be warmer tomorrow but around Wednesday another cold front moves in and it will be colder than this last one. Oh well.. before long it will be summer again and I’ll be complaining about how hot it is. 🙂 You have a great week and keep shooting those pictures!


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